Upcoming Women’s Study: The Gospel of Mark

Hooray! We have a new women’s study coming up, The Gospel of Mark, reading plan starts on Monday 7/20 and our first meeting is Thursday, 7/23 from 10:00-11:30 am.  This is a five-week study.

Below is the description of the study taken from the First5 website:

When nothing seems to be within your control, when you’re weak with worry and driving yourself crazy trying to fix everything — meet with Jesus in the Gospel of Mark.

Mark wrote his account of Jesus’ life under the rule of an evil emperor and in the midst of a people who badly needed a true authority. A true King. Through Mark’s Gospel, we see that even as we try to manage everything on our own, Jesus is lovingly in control — He is King over our lives, all of history, over the entire universe.

You can attend in person at the church or via Zoom.  Please email gabrielle@discovercommunity.church for the Zoom meeting ID and password and/or to get the first week’s reading plan.  The study is open to any woman regardless of whether she attends Discover or not.

This study is heavy on discussion and is drop-in, meaning no reservations are required, and you can come and go as you please.  Updates on any schedule changes or weather cancelations are posted on our social media.

All that is required is the Bible. Optional items are the First5 app https://app.first5.org/book/Mark (free) and the experience guide, for sale at First5.org https://www.p31bookstore.com/products/the-book-of-mark-experience-guide?_pos=1&_sid=510f24cdf&_ss=r.


Pastor Gabe