4.8.20 Easter Services, Devotional Box, and other updates.

Good afternoon!

We have received great feedback in regard to the online services and have enjoyed seeing people invite friends and family from out of state to join us!  On Sunday we will have Easter services live streaming at our normal times of 9 am and 11 am on Facebook and on our YouTube channel, http://youtube.com/c/discovercommunitychurch.

As of this afternoon, we have given out almost all of the 100 devotional boxes we put together!  Between pickups last Sunday and Monday and deliveries made by staff, we are so excited to know so many of you are participating in this devotional with us.  We would love to see any photos you want to share on FB or Instagram of you and your family doing this together.  Each of the boxes included self-serve communion cups so that you can take communion with us on Sunday.  If you didn’t get a box, don’t be afraid to get creative and pull from what you have at home.  Each day we are posting all the devotional instructions and scriptures so everyone can follow along.

If you need to speak to a pastor, need food assistance, or anything else, please email info@discovercommunity.church, or text/call 720-900-5383.  Please leave a message if no one answers the phone!

Continue to connect in any way you can–like the “Howl for Healthcare Workers” that is happening each night at 8 pm.  We could hear it last night in Highlands Ranch.  It’s silly, but why not? Just walk out your door at 8 pm, and join in!  Check on your friends with a call, text, or email.  This is a great time to catch up with family and video chat.  If you aren’t sure how to do that, let us know and we will give you some “tech support.”


Pastors Bob and Gabe