3.22.20 Online Services and Pantry Drop Updates

Discover family!

Our first Sunday of online-only services went very well.  We had a few technical issues but the feedback we received was great.  The worship team did an amazing job bringing love and energy to the screen and we are so blessed to have them.  Pastor Bob shared that even though it was a challenge to teach to an empty room, he loved all the real-time feedback and comments from those of you who participated in the services live.  Jeremy continues to use his tech and creative gifts to try ideas to make the online experience better and better.

6TwelveDCC Youth had a live stream service on Instagram.  Great job, Pastors Craig and Leah!

Our DCC Kids and Littles posted videos and updates in each of their FB groups for the kiddos to stay engaged.  We are working on some other ways to share this content to those who aren’t on FB, please stay tuned. Pastors Erik, Chrissy, and Lisa appreciate your comments and shared photos.

Make sure to invite people to these groups if they have kids who may benefit.

After services today, we had six cars that took deliveries of groceries, donated bread from Panera, and some donated paper products to Wolhurst, Meadowood, and households in Englewood, Denver, and Highlands Ranch.  We will continue to do these drops for as long as we have food available.

Great day, everyone!  Get some rest, tomorrow is a fresh day.

Pastors Bob and Gabe